Change is Coming

While living in the trailer I seldom had the urge to ‘get organized’ except to throw things away that no longer served me, and to lessen the weight of the vehicle. Since moving into my ‘sticks and bricks’ home I’ve had little reason to ‘get organized’ because I’d already done that through the moving process.

Well…’the moving process’…218 cottonwood grove of yellow

In the last several days I’ve watched myself get organized about my food, cooking things up for meals to eat later, organize my pantry and throw out stuff. I’ve watched myself organize my studio closet, throwing away and sometimes keeping odds and ends.

I had it in my mind to post photos of my children when they were young, wearing Halloween costumes they’d made up, or some I made for them. So in the search for those photos I rediscovered the ‘old family photos’ box. And now those photos lay in piles across the living room floor and all over the couch, awaiting order.

I did find those photos I was searching for and began scanning and posting them on facebook. Aye…to the delight of family members, including my children who are now grown, and their extended families.

In a way, I ask myself ‘why’- why am I doing this? It seems that it’s just in the flow of my life. Yet I remember other times when I acted, as if on auto-pilot sifting through things, preparing myself for a change, usually a change I was conscious of. I’m not conscious of what is flowing through me now, except to witness it. And I wonder, “what is coming, what is changing” for me.

So…’the moving process’…it is a process, whether moving from place to place, changing houses, or being moved to do something without knowing why. To be aware that that is happening is magical for me, and a mystery. It makes me curious about the future, and thankfully, not afraid. It seems that in some form another adventure is coming toward me, and I don’t know what it is yet. And I’m getting ready.

I think it could be something big, like an unexpected meeting with someone or some event, or it could be as mundane as finding the order of my home and settling in at the change of the season with a book that claims my attention. I don’t know. It’s curious to me. I can’t wait to find out what happens!

One thought on “Change is Coming”

  1. “…So…’the moving process’…it is a process, whether moving from place to place, changing houses, or being moved to do something without knowing why.” Isn’t it wonderful? There is a renewal and sense of freedom in all of this. But it isn’t for the faint of heart. You and I know this…..

    Another wonderful blog post from you.

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