Retrospective, Introspective, Circumspective

Sign PostOne of my friends on facebook posted that he was glad he could begin to see New Year’s Day as just another day, without any agenda. I’m kinda like that too, but the fact that January 1, 2014 was also a New Moon, pushed me to consider a new beginning, as I always do at each month’s New Moon.

I recently had the opportunity to get a little closer to a woman who has been a part of my Journal Writing meetup. As a student of Human Design I mentioned it to her at one of our meetings, and she just ‘took off’ into it, so happy to learn about it, and how it shows her so much about herself. During some of our sharing I learned that she too is eating according to her blood type. We had lunch together one day, and it was a delight to have these two ‘languages’ we could speak with each other.

Because of our connection, especially around food, I decided to pay more attention to the things that are good for me to eat, and how I should eat them, according to the digestive process that is best for me, i.e., one food at a time. Yesterday, New Year’s Day, it was Wednesday and the ‘crossover’ day when one can partake of the specials at Sprouts, for the week coming and the week just ended. So I went shopping and loaded up on all the things I’d been missing in my diet, mostly because the nearest Sprouts is nine miles away, across town. The grocers nearest my home market their wares to the mostly Hispanic customers, so many gluten-free and organic, and ‘natural’ products are not mainstay items.

I’ve made the ‘resolve’ to be better to myself by eating better, even if it means the extra travel to get what I want. This time I stocked up a bit, and I expect that I’ll have to continue to do that in maintaining the cash flow for groceries and gas for the trip.

This New Moon falls in my astrological fifth house of romance, creativity, children, pleasure, etc. Venus, the planet of ‘love’ is retrograde in Capricorn, also in my fifth house. This is a time apparently for me to review my values about romance and ‘relationships’ and to reflect on past liaisons – what worked and what didn’t work, and why. So, before even knowing this, I’ve been doing just that, and settling into more introspection and understanding of myself in terms of how I relate to others.

In addition, Capricorn is concerned with the material plane, so I am taking some time (a Saturn thing) to reflect on how I can operate more effectively within the material world, perhaps increasing my resources in some way, through my creativity. A couple of times last month my neighbor’s house was attacked, which caused me to consider what more I could do to be secure in my home. Without a lot of material resources I did manage to put a peep-hole in my front door, add some temporary lighting to the walkway to my front door, and place a rod (made from an aspen sapling I cut when I was in Colorado in 2010) into the track of my sliding doors.

I did some research on security doors and bars for the windows. I found a resource for the kind of trellis I’ve wanted for the vines I planted in front of my dining room windows a couple of years ago. These windows are at the ‘front’, next to the front door, so having a trellis would hamper entry there. In addition, the fig tree I have in a pot needs to be planted in the ground in the spring, and I’ve decided to put a trellis over the back window and let the fig grow on it. That window faces south, so the room is very hot most of the time. With my new plan I’d have shade and hindrance to a break-in there.

These are all creative and practical, as well as passive things I can do to beautify and protect my home. I prefer passive, but I will say I have gone window shopping for other forms of protection. And when the financial resources become available I will assess whether I will purchase one or more of these items.

I have to admit that I am feeling a desire to ‘break out’ of some patterns. Creating new items of clothing from old stuff, maybe enhanced with new stuff is appealing to me. And yesterday I bought several boxes of a discontinued product of henna for a new hair look. Today I tried one, and although it’s going to take me a while to get used to the look, it sure does feel like fun!

This is my first post of calendar year 2014. I hope to have more to say at least once a week this year. But who knows? The muse shows up when it’s time, and until she shows up, I’m ‘speechless’.

3 thoughts on “Retrospective, Introspective, Circumspective”

  1. Hello and Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year to You, Hope all Is well. We are all fine in the cold North East.  Some of the coldest temps in many years are currently here. Lots of snow on the ground as well. Winter has been a bit colder than it been for many years, .and in the past week we got an additional foot of new snow. No rust on the shovels this year Take good care of yourself. Continue your adventurous life and always Enjoy each an every day to the fullest.  Love to you  Barbara and Doug

  2. SU….. Tis great to have your words again! Great message!
    Have a happy prosperous 2014…. Tell me where to find the
    info on “eating for your blood type,” please…. That sounds
    very interesting….. Also, it appears that Virgo is your rising?
    Cannot say that I remember….lost all my astro files in a new
    computer…. they would not transfer! My program was way
    too old to transfer too!

    Do you ever consider RV’ng again? I am not traveling anymore
    with the rig….. Now have a 36′ 5th wheel with 3 slides…. Not sure
    yet if I really like it….. Cupboards are way too high for my shortness.

    Do you ever consider returning to the RV life?

    Love, Light, Hugs & Harmony…. Elizabeth aka E2/etwo

  3. E2 – thanks for your comment. If you search in your browser for “eating for your blood type” you’ll get a couple of links to the info. My rising sign is Leo. Hope you have a small step stool – even in my trailer I needed one. Your rig sounds nice. I sometimes think of RVing again, but for now I’m satisfied with my SUV that I’ve gone camping in several times. In retrospect I maybe should have traded my rig for a Class C, but I was tired of deciding where to go to next, and I thought I had some medical issues that needed attention. Have a great New Year!

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