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Birdland at Roper Lake, Arizona

I spent the past weekend camping at Roper Lake, a beautiful state park in the southeastern part of Arizona. The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm – very different from some of the more recent trips I’ve been on.

Yellow headed blackbirdI was amazed by all the different birds residing there; a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds, redwing blackbirds, cardinals, vermillion flycatchers, black ducks, doves, and others that I didn’t see or couldn’t identify. One evening I walked over to the lake and recorded these wonderful creatures as they began to settle for the evening.The only sound I didn’t capture was the deep “ribbits” of the bullfrogs. They sang all night!

I wanted to share the video here, but the file type is not allowed on WordPress…(unless I upgrade to a paid version.)

But here are some photos I took on the way home. I absolutely love the ocotillos when they are in bloom, and now is the season! I should create a journal of “photos through a dirty windshield”, which is what these were taken through. It seems I take a LOT of photos from the passenger seat!

Ocotillos in bloom cropped 2Ocotillos in bloom croppedBenson Dirty Windshield2

Note: Bird photo by Phil Myers –   photo taken at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon


The Moon, The Moon…

…the big round moon.  Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

This is a little jingle to say when you are playing with children, to see if they can do what you do.  As you repeat it you draw the circle, add the eyes, nose and mouth, and then clear your throat.  Over and over the other will try to repeat, and miss the clearing of the throat many times – until they finally get it.

I thought of this the other night at the full moon.  That night I inflated the air mattress I’ve used for camping, and pulled it out onto the edge of my small patio, put a sheet over it, and lay out there, under the open sky, and watched the moon rise.

The air was cool, eventually requiring a blanket.  I slept there all night, awaking a couple of times to see that in the earth’s movement, the moon was in a different place.  And I peacefully drifted off to sleep each time.

Knowing that my yard was enclosed, out of the view of the neighbors, and that there were no critters to scamper about causing consternation, I was feeling very secure ‘camping’ outside my sliding doors!  I think I will do it again sometime soon.

Note:  The photo is from the night before, when there were a few clouds to give the moon a very mysterious look.