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On the Road Again

FullMoonCactusMy favorite song!

And I recently sang it at a karaoke party given by some relatively new friends from one of the meetups I attend.

Yes, I’m on the road again, headed to a week-long workshop in Sedona. I’ll be camping out in the Forest Service campground, sleeping in my car. It’s fortunate that I made reservations in January. I managed to get six nights of the seven I need to be there. So I’ll be looking for a place to park my car overnight on Saturday.

I’ll write about the workshop in another post. Today, though, I just wanted to put something ‘out there’. Yesterday I went to my heart specialist. A couple of months ago, after having more symptoms that alarmed me, I contacted my primary physician who referred me for cardio issues. I finished three weeks of wearing a personal monitor, and yesterday had an echocardiogram and stress test. I’m happy to report that my heart is normal, even though its extra beats can be very annoying. I am grateful.

So now I can leave on my trip without any uncertainty regarding my health. I’m excited to be traveling, and I have plans to see a lot of Sedona while I’m there. My cardiologist asked me to send him a postcard as he’s never been there. After the workshop I will travel to the Grand Canyon, which I haven’t seen since I was 11 years old. I’ll be camping out for two nights there. And then, on my way back I’ll stop at Arcosanti, a place I’ve wanted to see since I was an architecture student in the early 60s! I’ve made a reservation to spend the night there and enjoy dining in a dining room and taking the tour, and buying a Soleri bell.

I also look forward to meeting some new people who are interested in the same things I am. While I’m in Sedona I intend to find a group for ceremony on the Full Moon. It’s supposed to be an ominous event as an eclipse, within the context of the vortices in Sedona. I’ll report back on that later as well.

Until we meet again…

The Moon, The Moon…

…the big round moon.  Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

This is a little jingle to say when you are playing with children, to see if they can do what you do.  As you repeat it you draw the circle, add the eyes, nose and mouth, and then clear your throat.  Over and over the other will try to repeat, and miss the clearing of the throat many times – until they finally get it.

I thought of this the other night at the full moon.  That night I inflated the air mattress I’ve used for camping, and pulled it out onto the edge of my small patio, put a sheet over it, and lay out there, under the open sky, and watched the moon rise.

The air was cool, eventually requiring a blanket.  I slept there all night, awaking a couple of times to see that in the earth’s movement, the moon was in a different place.  And I peacefully drifted off to sleep each time.

Knowing that my yard was enclosed, out of the view of the neighbors, and that there were no critters to scamper about causing consternation, I was feeling very secure ‘camping’ outside my sliding doors!  I think I will do it again sometime soon.

Note:  The photo is from the night before, when there were a few clouds to give the moon a very mysterious look.