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How to put into words what has been taking place over the last month…It’s not that easy.

The day before Mother’s Day I walked into the headquarters of my Congressional District Representative, Raul Grijalva, to ‘walk’ for signatures to get Richard Carmona’s name on the Arizona ballot for senator.  As I had never done anything like this before I requested a walking partner.  And, going with the flow, my life has taken a new direction – to “I Know Not Where”.

My partner was a tall, handsome, funny man, and we hit it off from the beginning.  He is interested in plants and growing things experimentally, and re-using and adapting what is already provided into other useful items.  So I’ve been spending some of my time hanging out to see what he is creating, and trying my hand at some things myself.

Most recently, he initiated a relationship with a hydroponic plant growing business (Eco Gro Hydroponics) near Mr. Grijalva’s headquarters.  Eco Gro Hydroponics is a store where one can buy the materials to create a hydroponic growing system that includes fish and plants, to supplement a family’s food needs.  They also sell unusual and exotic plants.  The two young men who own/manage the store have shown interest in some of the ideas my friend has expressed.  While coming from different perspectives, the focus is growing food in a sustainable way.

So, here in photos are some of the ‘products’ made available this weekend, highlighting creative ways of growing vegetables and flowers.

While they don’t show up well in the photos, the large white buckets hold growing medium and plants that don’t usually do well in the hot, Tucson sun (tomatoes, peppers, mint, cilantro); however, because of the ‘ollas‘ inserted into the mix, water for the roots and cooling to the plants are provided to help them survive.

We had fun finding  unusual ‘adaptive use’ containers for the plants.

This one was sold…notice the small olla in the center.

Notice the photographer in the background…one of the Eco Gro guys.

There’s a cherry tomato seedling inside…an experiment.

The “Giraffe” bag

The Picnic Basket

Rooftop Garden

Thanks to Brendan and Ryan for their support of this fun venture! (www.ecogrohydro.com)