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LimoLand – Create Your Own Special Ride

Knee to knee seatingI’m not a automotive connoisseur, so I wouldn’t normally be interested in scoping out “how they build a limousine”. Recently, however, I’ve been somewhat of a captive to my travel partner who likes to explore oddities while traveling. And he does like cars, and scooters. My knowledge of such things is growing.

As part of our itinerary, he planned a visit to a limo fabricating place listed on the online site for Roadside America.

LimoLand is located in Springfield, MO and is a small shop that produces extravagant and elegant limousines “to order”. Here are some of the photos I took of work in progress. Our “tour guide” and “chief in charge of everything” graciously took time out of her busy schedule to show us around. We appreciate it!

Technician on the railsBeginning the stretch – back end

Stretch railsBeginning the stretch – front end

Roof weld seamAdding vertical structure

View throughTechnology in the rear

Mercedes Sprinter LimoMercedes Sprinter Limo

Side panel installedCenter panel in place

200 in stretch from frontTwo Hundred Inch Stretch

Interior lights - redSeating option with flashing lights (this just happened to be red)

Work area 2Workroom – where the conversions take place

Wood frame finishing for interior ceilingCustom woodwork – for overhead mirrors

Where finish is appliedWoodwork drying areaPaint roomReady for painting

Stretch bar 2Custom Bar

Interior lights - greenBar installed with lights (happened to be green)

Bar - another configurationAnother bar configuration

Entry bannerLimoLand Banner in Entry

The LimoLand website is http://www.limoland.com/. Take a look around at their inventory and order your very own party wagon!

Note: For Eric – we met while eating lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA on June 17, 3015. All the best to you!